The Art of Kintsugi

I've become quite taken with the Art of Kintsugi. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of mending broken pottery with gold. I think it is a beautiful metaphor for our lives, that something can be even more beautiful after it has been mended.

We all suffer in our lives along the way, and parts of us can feel broken. We do have choice about these broken parts whether to heal or to stay in that brokeness. If we choose to do our healing work, and that can take time, our brokeness can be filled with 'gold' and that gold may be that we become more compassionate, empathic, kinder and more loving.

An expressive art piece underway on the theme of Kintsugi

This piece reflects the breaking apart and healing that has happened after the loss of 3 family members, 2 loved pets and the many close friends who have also passed out of our lives over the last 4 years. It has taken a lot out of us, hopefully we are more in tune with others in their time of loss now than we ever were before. We work to fill the emptiness with the gold of spirit, we are works in progress, some days better than others.

18th Century Kintsugi Bowl

Thing Maker Studio

Just found a gorgeous site... if you love hand made art dolls, and amazing hand made journals made from all sorts of bits and pieces you might like to see the work of Leighanna Light visit Thing Maker Studio

Wasteland Movie

Hawaiian Woman with Leaf Lei Headdress - Me Ke Aloha

Niihau - Me Ke Aloha - this is one of the first layers for this painting... more pictures as she evolves...

For a couple of years now I have taken part in some online art classes. They have been a great way to connect and be in community with like minded artists all around the world. People from Italy, Finland, America, The Uk, Switzerland, The Emirates all connect online and paint together. This artwork is one that I painted while taking part in a course called Legendary Life by Shiloh Sophia. For quite a few years I practiced Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and studied Hawaiian Philosophy, this artwork integrates some of the feeling from those times.

Sketch sacred feminine

For a while now I have been a part of an online art group exploring images of the Sacred Feminine. What is that part of us within that sometimes hints to us that we could be kinder, more loving, a better person. For me that is the sacred feminine, my intuitve part - that little inner source of direction. Sketching these images help me to connect to that space.

Archangel Gabriel

I'm quite fascinated with icons - I have no idea why - I'm not religious yet when I see an icon, I am drawn to them. I have painted this angel with those images in mind. This Angel is my version of the Archangel Gabriel. The words at the bottom of the canvas are from a 13th century manuscript and say Hail Full of Grace

Colour In With Me - Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe journal and sketch.  At Frangipani House we offer morning and day sessions for you to explore various aspects of your spirituality through art.  These sessions are also available via Skype online.