Mindfulness, Art, and Art Journaling

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness can be defined as bringing one's complete attention to the present moment. Many of us wander around so busy in our heads that our precious moments can slip by without us really noticing that much.

For example, have you ever hopped in your car and driven a certain amount of time, only to realise that you have totally spaced out, and haven't been aware of how you arrived where you were? That's just what mindfulness is not. Mindfulness practice helps us to bring our focus into the here and now and be aware more and more of all that is around us.


Using mindfulness practice in art journaling

Exercise in mindfulness... stop and bring your focus to your breath... just breathe for a few moments. As you look around you, notice what your attention is drawn to.

Right now as I sit at my computer I am aware of the sound of a car, going too fast down our street. I hear the sound of the engine, I hear raindrops on our driveway. I see the light from my desklamp touching the pens that sit in the glass anear my computer. I notice my fingers on my keyboard and how my arms are resting on the desk, the light highlightig my hands and forearms. Gelli prints sit folded with flowers that have been drawn waiting for me to put them into my art journal.

This is my moment. What is your moment? Can you paint / journal / draw / create a poem from this moment?

Light touches my skin
as I write you this message,
I notice my black keyboard
with the
white letters
on it's keys.
Life is not like that
black and white
Thankfully life is full of colour,
and movement, and diversity.
Rain swishes under
a car that rushes
TV chatters in another room
Red pencil, blue pen, sit waiting
to create.
Artworks sit crowded
watching me write
their colours feeding my soul
as I sit here.
I breathe in
this moment.

May you be well may you be happy. ♥