Spiritual Art

Paintings with a prayerful focus... studies in Interfaith Traditions

This love is the rose that blooms forever - Rumi

Painting the Sacred Feminine

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field, I will meet you there. Rumi

When I study various cultures and traditions, what I see as a common ground in spiritual teachings is that we are asked to either; be kind, or to love one another. My focus is through my prayerful paintings, to bring those messages through, to enjoy life, try to be as kind as possible, where ever possible, to share the joy that is found in everyday life in every moment.

Divine Lady of Presence.

The focus of the Divine Lady of Presence artwork is as the name suggests... being more present in each moment. As I meditated on the painting I painted into the fabric the intuitive messages that I received as well as other quotes that resonated with me.

Our Lady of Lake Como

Based on the Sacred Feminine traditions this painting has a background of beautiful Lake Como. One of the earliest paintings dedicated to Our Lady can be found there, deep in a hidden recesses of a church.

My versions of ancient icons

Our Lady - Based on The Black Madonna of Czestochowa

Peace Bro - Based on The Black Madonna of Czestochowa

My husband lovingly nicknamed this artwork Peace Bro and the name stuck. Peace is a garden that we lovingly tend to in our own lives that it may then filter out into our world. Somedays I go pretty well at creating a peaceful life, and then on other days not so great... and need to start all over again. Back to the breath, back to the moment, each moment is new, each moment we can choose again.

Archangel Gabriel with 13th century script collage