The Art Studio

Welcome to Frangipani House Art Studio...

I enjoy every part of the art process from painting, to constantly learning new processes, as well as visiting art galleries. When we are away travelling or housesitting, photography fills in the gap between canvases.

The Beach House

Inspired by the dear little beach house we lived in, and a certain little white dog who walked with me there. My art focusses on the beauty of each day the joys of life and the small things that bring delight. Everyday we have the choice to see the beauty or watch the endless stream of negativity on our TV - my art helps me to reflect on the beauty.

Frangipani House

This painting has a vision painted into it - an outward expression of an inward desire - to live in a water front home. Not long after I painted this dream of mine, we found ourselves living on the beach front.

What is your vision? What would you like to create in your life? I can paint a similar artwork for you, with your vision inscribed on the artwork, or paint along with me to create your own.