A dose of the Arts

This morning I stumbled across a talk on ABC's, The Drawing Room, called Get yourself a dose of the Arts

Art is good for you. That's what the science says. Mike White is a pioneering researcher in art therapy and art intervention, in Melbourne for the 6th annual Arts and Health Australia conference. He joins Ann O'Connor, Arts Participation Adviser to the Arts Council of Ireland, along with Waleed Aly in The Drawing Room.

Click here to visit ABC and listen to - Get yourself a dose of the Arts

She knows a way to beat the blues - artwork by Kareen Fellows

A Life in Paint

Lulu dreams of Lennox - underway

Such beautiful weather of late to paint outside, and with an old board ready and awaiting my attention, I decided to give a new technique a try out. Well a new technique for me anyway. I learned it from Margaret Olley while watching A Life In Paint. I noticed Margaret outlining a new work in chalk to get an outline down. So today, I decided to give it a try.

First I applied black gesso to the board and let it dry. With the warmth of the day, it didn't take long. Then out came the sidewalk chalk. Two things I noticed. 1.Gesso makes a great chalkboard paint. I have no idea as to the longevity, but I had a lot of fun drawing and rubbing out with a wet cloth. 2. Chalk works a treat as a design layer - wish I'd known this ages ago. Thank you Margaret.

Margaret Olley - A Life In Paint - Cover

If you haven't watched A Life In Paint yet, it is a tender insight into Margaret's life. An intimate tour of Margaret's world, in her richly inspirational artist's home, the people who influenced her and those who touched her life. Sadly Margaret passed away in 2011 however, her home has been re-created at The Tweed River Art Gallery and we are all invited to visit.

Interior of the Hat Factory at The Margaret Olley Art Centre

Fruits, glassware and a bowl of eyeballs on the mantle, Hat Factory

View of the Yellow Room at the Margaret Olley Art Centre

Celebrated Australian painter Margaret Olley had a vision to ensure her contribution to art extended well beyond her lifetime.

The icon of Australian art, who died in her Sydney home on 26 July 2011, expressed her wish to have her studio and elements of her home and collections re-created at the Tweed Regional Gallery in Murwillumbah. The Gallery was a natural choice of location for Margaret, who loved the Gallery - recognising it as one Australia's leading regional galleries - and who spent her childhood years in the area.

Margaret Olley's painting chair, Hat Factory

Margaret Olley Art Centre photos courtesy of Tweed Regional Gallery. To find out more about Margaret Olley & The Margaret Olley Art Centre visit: Tweed Regional Gallery

A Life In Paint: I discovered my copy in the art section of our local library - it is also available from ABC shops and Art Galleries.