art - just another way of keeping a diary

Pot with Indigenous Art by A.L Barlin

The pot in the picture above means a lot to me - it is a pot my father painted. My dad spent a lot of time in Darwin and New Guinea during WW2 and during his quiet times painted and sketched. This is the only piece of his art that I have and it is really precious to me. My dad's pot reflects the time he spent at Katherine Gorge. He told many stories of the min min lights and his time with the local people there. This piece of artwork reminds me of those stories. His words of advice when I wanted to start painting was; 'well do it... don't go to art class, just get some paints and paint'. So I did, and in the process have had lots of fun.

There is a quote by Picasso that says 'painting is just another way of keeping a diary'. I know that the artwork that I have painted reflects my journeys in recent years. I think buying artwork is another way of keeping a diary as well - a piece can really speak to our inner selves as we look at it. Even though it may mean something totally different the buyer than what the artist intended. My artwork shows pictures of homes and Hawaiian women, of prayers and food - I am always fascinated when I listen to what others see in it and how it shows me a glimmer of their inner life.