halloween art therapy activity...

I thought I'd share the following post from Art Therapy Blog - here is a snippet, if you'd like to read more the link is at the end of the post.


A Halloween Art Therapy Activity

Let’s start by thinking of all the negative energies or influences in your life.
  1. Think about any negative people, events (recent or otherwise), or anything else that has had a negative impact on you recently.
  2. Take all these negative “pieces” and imagine each of them has a spirit.
  3. Take a moment to forgive these negative spirits in your life, if only for a short period, and focus on what you would offer these spirits as a peace offering, or a “treat” if you will.
  4. Ideally you create something that you can give to each negative spirit, but if you have too many negative spirits to treat, then think of something you can give to all of them.
Alright, now feel free to be as creative as you like. I might suggest trying something different and going with a Halloween-ish theme for your creation…maybe using pumpkins, leaves, or construction paper and crafts, or even just incorporating the colors of fall. But if you’d like to draw or paint in pastels, that’s good too! Good luck forgiving those negative spirits and Happy Halloween from Art Therapy!

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