Benefits of Art Therapy

At sometime or another we all can experience feelings of anxiety or depression.  As Dr James says 'we all need to manage it and get on with our lives'.  If you enjoy reading about how art can help... you may like the following interview with psychotherapist Dr Chris James at

Art therapy is a very simple process of separating the thinking mind from the observing mind. When we think thoughts, they’re usually fleeting thoughts and we don’t give them a great deal of consideration. Very often we act on those inappropriately.
When we think about our thoughts, then we paint a picture in our mind. Now most people don’t use the observing mind…they don’t need to on a daily basis. But artists do because if artists didn’t use the observing mind, they wouldn’t be able to paint a picture.
So, it makes a very good form of therapy for people who are experiencing mental health problems.
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