Wandering around the Arts Centre Gold Coast

Wandering around the The Sculpture Walk at the Arts Centre at the Gold Coast, I was contemplating the nature of transformation and what that means to me. 

As I was thinking about transformation, and how I would define it, I happened upon this sculpture. 

Every side is fascinating.  Is the person transforming into the wisdom of the owl or emerging from the tree?

Or emerging into human from owl?

ah the patience of the person who created this work. 

I imagined the sculptor gradually chipping away and smoothing off...

rough edges...
did the figure emerge from the stone? 

Or was there a plan to start?  Did the plan evolve? 
Oh the questions that went through my mind and still are.

I invite you to imagine sitting on the seat below,
and reflect on the statue and contemplate transformation. 
Feeling the slightly rough edge to the stone with your hand and allow the stone to hold your weight as you rest from your walk. 

As soon as I find out the sculptor's name I'll pop it in here. 
Images taken at The Sculpture Walk at The Arts Centre Gold Coast
I imagine we are all transforming each day
as we grow and move into different stages of our lives. 
What about you?
What do you imagine and believe about transformation?
Are there areas in your life that you would like to transform? 
Have you been through a transformation?