The Artist's Way Book Group

Over the last few weeks, I've been running and participating in, an Artist's Way Book group. It has been an energising, enlightening, awakening process. Creating a creative cluster to work through Julia Cameron's Artist Way book, has provided a unique space, for the group of people who said 'yes' to the invitation to participate - to explore our creativity together.

Each week there are a few requirements to take part in the group each week, and I noticed that the biggest challenge for a lot of people was - you need to set aside time for yourself. There are 3 requirements that every participant is asked to agree to for the entire time of the group:

  • to write three pages longhand every day
  • to go on an artist date every week - by yourself
  • to go on a walk each day.

    Week One Artist Date: Visiting Port Macquarie Hastings Library

    I used to want an artist studio, however after visiting the library, I now want an IMAGINARIUM. "A playground for your imagination is the best way to describe a new free-to-use facility known as ‘Imaginarium’ at Port Macquarie Library." I want one!!

    Image from Port Macquarie Hastings Library

    Have you ever gone to the library as though you are going to an art gallery? If not, I want to invite you to try it out as an exercise soon, it is fascinating. I heard of this idea through another book called The Artists Library by Laura Damon-Moore and Erinn Batykefer. Intro by Jessica Pigza. Here's a little snippet from the book... "So how do we define artist? ....

    To us, an artist is a person who uses creative tools and techniques to make new things. An artist can be a professional musician, or a kid learning how to use sound-editing software in a library's digital lab. An artist can be a world renowned author, or a senior citizen taking part in a memoir writing workshop at her local library. Creativity, like information, is free to everyone who steps into a library. Wherever you are in your artistic development - from finger painting during story time to researching themes for an interactive museum installation - the library can help to nurture and "incubate" your growth as a creative person." I borrowed it from the library!

    So check out your local library... you just never know what you are going to find there... it makes a great artist date.

    Artist John Olsen's journals can be found in the National Library of Australia