The Artist's Way Week 12

So... Week 12 and our creative cluster has made it to the last week of The Artist's Way. Gosh what a journey of learning and growth this book is to work through. This week's topic; Recovering a Sense of Faith.

This week starting out on our Week 12 journey, I was journaling on task 1 (I was starting to do a doodle on the topic - write down any resistance, angers, and fears, you have about going on from here) - when the news came through from the terror attacks on Paris. So my journal today is for faith and art and prayers for our world.

John Lennon singing Imagine is always inspiring to me, and particularly today after hearing about Paris.

Synchronicity From Week 12 - Chapter one... each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is. And the faith to trust our own admission.

Week 12 - task 3 - read the creative affirmations aloud.

So I read the creative affirmations aloud and I decided to use a bit of creativity in the process.

Have you ever recorded your own voice? Perhaps you are used to it and do it regularly. However, if you are like me and are not used to it, iphone has a setting where you can use voice memos... have a go and do your creative affirmations. Julia says this week, most of us are used to the negative affirmations we give ourselves daily, yet if we suggest using positive affirmations we struggle. She has a point. Those little negative messages our brain churns over can be quite a downer until we learn how to become mindful to them, and not play into them.

Week 12 - Hatching Ideas - A journal prompt: do a little sketch / doodle on this theme.

I am coming to the end of the 2015 Artist's Way journey with my creative cluster group. We started out on the 14th August and have doubled up on a few weeks - we found that we needed a couple of extra weeks, to absorb and explore, various chapters in the book.

The next journey will be Walking in This World and Finding Water - the sequels to The Artist's Way. If you have thought about working through The Artist's Way book, I offer group sessions, skype sessions, and one to one sessions for support, during the process - give me a call.