Walking in This World

Walking in This World by Julia Cameron, is the sequel to The Artist's Way. Our creative cluster has decided to work through the book this year.

So I read through the first chapter and I got to the task at the end. I got myself all ready to participate, and then I read, 'Task: Do Nothing'. Do Nothing? Really? So that afternoon, I got a beach towel and headed off to the beach and sat - no book, no phone, just my towel and my doggie, couldn't leave her behind. Oh how lovely it was. As I write this I think of a friend I mentioned this task to. She said how difficult it would be for her to do, to have nothing to do. And I wonder, as I write this, how are you at doing nothing?

I invite you to take 15 minutes and join in, doing nothing. That's me resting in the picture above, as I bravely tackle the task of doing nothing. My brain told me it was time to redo my toe nail polish, but you know what brains are like, always coming up with things for you to do. So I thanked it for the information and refocussed on the task at hand.

"How beautiful it is to do nothing, then rest afterwards". Spanish Proverb.