Seize Your Moments

A recent art prompt from a class I've been participating in, asked us to contemplate special moments that have happened during our lives as therapists, and then to create little art tags, where we record those moments. It occurred to me that this would be a lovely exercise to do at the end of each day, to journal about the special moments throughout the day, special moments that sometimes we forget over the course of the weeks and years. I thought that if we were to collect these, it would help us realise how many wonderful moments there really are in our lives - how special the 'small stuff' can be. To train our brains to go over and over the lovelies - rather than the worries.

Like the butterfly I noticed on the flower that was exactly the same colour... or the bird running up and down and turning somersaults on a flowering branch of my neighbours' camelia plant... the little stone that was shaped like a heart on the beach... the dog that ran up wet and soggy from it's swim to say hi, and the feeling of it's surf fresh body from the waves as it rested on my leg. I know when I go house sitting I am more in tune with the little everyday wonders in my life as I blog, so that pet owners can see what their pet is up to, so I tend to notice more in my walks, awake to little delights to photograph and mention.

Art Tags for Art Journaling

Some art tags I created for journaling processes - you can collect old tags from clothes and paint or collage over them, or use old cereal boxes, cut the tags out in any shape and size you'd like to. The class I am participating in has used old laminate samples - they are strong and you can link them together with key ring clip. Easy to flip and read once you've made them, as well as being a great self care heart warmer.

Visit Gretchen Miller for some wonderful ideas

I was having a browse around google - as you do - for images relating to art tags and discovered something related to tags (I thought anyway) Janne Williem's art cards. Janne is working her way around the world collecting art cards done by peope she meets on her travels... here's a video of her time in Nepal.

Visit Janne's site Seize Your Moments