Art and Healing - Can Art be Medicine?

Foundation for Art & Healing - Can Art Be Medicine? from Jason Schuler on Vimeo.

Art & Healing - Can Art Be Medicine? by Jason Schuler

I hope you enjoy this video by Jason Schuler, I think it is an excellent example of how art can be used in such a variety of settings and with a wide range of cases. I started painting around twenty years ago now, and over the last few years I've become increasingly interested in the role of art in the therapeutic process, and have taken part in many courses in expressive arts. From the role of art in the counsellor's process to art therapy classes. Right now I am waiting on a class on the role of Art in Trauma Recovery with Cathy Malchiodi to start - so looking forward to learning with Cathy. How lucky we are as therapists to be able to access the top trainers in the world from the comfort of our own studios!

In my practice I offer expressive art / counselling / mindfulness sessions, as I believe the combination of talking, meditation and making art helps to heal us on deep level while being a very comforting and peaceful healing process.