Invitation to join The Artist Way Book Group - Port Macquarie

This is an invitation to take part in an Artist's Way Book Group. The Artist's Way is a book by Julia Cameron and I will be running a group for people who are interested in exploring the book together. We will gather for 12 weeks and the topics will follow the 12 chapters of the book.

The Artist's Way is for those people who wish to be more creative - so if your inner artist wishes to create, then this book will be of help.

Julia Cameron asks those who are going to take part in The Artist's Way to commit to three things: An Artist's Date, Morning Pages - where you write long hand every day - and A Walk.

When: Fridays from 1pm - 2.30pm starting August 2015 and ...

The August group has formed now and is now in process. However, if you would like to work through the Artist's Way by yourself with me as a guide, please let me know, you can start at any time.

Be Brave, you don't need any experience at all... we all need support of other creative people around us...