Rainbow Surf

It was a magical morning at Lighthouse Beach last Saturday. The light was touching the crests of the waves and creating rainbows. At times the red of the rainbow would touch the water and for a moment glimmer. The next moment purple seemed to take the center stage.

My dear little Panasonic & I have managed to capture a few of the rainbows, I hope you enjoy seeing these delightful moments.

I spent a couple of hours in awe of the beauty of the colour that the surfers were swimming in, touched by the colours and trailing rainbows behind them as they surfed. No wonder surfers love this activity, I was wanting to grab a board and go out paddling myself.

So many people were focussed on doing their morning walks, and seemed oblivious to nature's display. I wondered how many of them noticed the magical beauty, I hope a few.

(Click on the images to enlarge them.)