Take some time out to nurture yourself

Have you had time for yourself lately? Life is often so busy, that we can find ourselves forgetting to nurture ourselves in small ways that give us a sense of simple abundance. Perhaps it is a lovely soak in a tub, for another person maybe it is buying some fresh flowers. Make a plan to do some pampering for yourself today or at the latest tomorrow. Write a time and put it in your diary, just as you commit to others, make a commitment to you. We are often waiting for that special one to do something for us, and wishing that someone would notice us. The truth is, we need to look after ourselves in the ways that we want that special other to.

If you are wanting to hear someone say 'I love you', look in the mirror and tell yourself that. If you want someone to bring you flowers, go and buy some. If you want someone to give you a hug, place one hand on your heart breathe slowly and bring kindness to yourself. If you are waiting for a little gift, go and buy yourself something special, that book you've been wanting for instance - it doesn't have to be expensive. When you start to pamper yourself, you start to create joy and you'll find that your spirits lift.