December 14 - Add A Bird

Create each day...

Journal prompt: add a bird to what you are creating today.

Two blackbirds call out
as I weed my front garden.
I can tell, they have their
sharp eyes on the tree decorations.

We play games with each other
the crows and I.
They love sparkly things.
I buy them marbles,
and leave them in the garden
to find.

Now they have their sights set
on the Christmas Tree.
I wonder, which ornament,
they want for their nest.

One of the things Julia Cameron teaches in The Artist's Way, book is to take small amounts of time and simply create. In The Creative License, Danny Gregory suggests we sketch something each day in order to develop our drawing skills.

If you want to write a book for example - if you start each day and write 3 pages, and you will discover that in a very short time, you have a book. If you have participated in writing morning pages as Julia Cameron suggest, or journalling each day I'm sure you will be aware of how quickly those pages add up.

"I think of finding your creative center, as being a phrase that we use for being in alignment, we learn to respond to inner queues and outer queues". Julia Cameron