December 15 Joy

I've always admired people who can bring Joy into our world. I think that's what I love so much about this time of the year - the joy on kids faces as they see Santa in shopping centres, people seem a little nicer to one another.

I was standing in a long Christmas queue at Target last week, when I watched a little boy and Santa connect. Santa walked up to him and asked what he wanted for Christmas. Apparently the little guy had lost his two front teeth, as when Santa bent over to him, he said, 'I know what you want for Christmas - your front teeth!'

'Noooo!!' The little boy exclaimed. He reached out his little hands, and tenderly held Santa's beard, and said, 'I want a skate board'. It was so sweet to watch him and Santa together. As a mum I thought it was one of those interactions, where it would have been a wonderful memory for him later on in life, to have had on video.

In case you're ready for a bit of joy... here's a very funny lady one who always gives me a lift...

"Jeanne Robertson is like the aunt you can’t wait to talk to at the family reunion, who always has a new story to tell that keeps the whole family in stitches." - Thom O'Neil, The Carlisle Theater